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professional IT geek and freelance developer

  • Location Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Certified CCNA, MCSE, MCP, Splunk Certified
  • Email michael@michaelmorley.name
  • Freelance Available

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Hello, my name is Michael Morley. I am Gold Coast based IT Professional and Network/Systems Engineer by day for one of Australia’s largest Television and Entertainment companies. I freelance IT and web development services to the masses, and a technology enthusiast. This is where I blog about all things IT, and occasionally gaming.


Plumbobs and Pancakes


Camilla Jayne


Ghozt Crew


Ghozt Crew

The Ghozt Crew are Australia’s leading Paranormal Documentary series. I designed and developed their entire website as a custom WordPress template, that includes a heavily utilised community. The website also allows for dynamic sharing of media, such as video and images.

Northguard Technical (Canada)


Simple Silent Mode Toggle (Android)

Android Mobile

Simple Silent Mode Toggle (Android)

As the title suggests, it’s a simple, lightweight application that toggles your devices “ringer” to vibrate or silent and back again.

The reasoning for this app is, we thought there is always that one person whose phone rings right in the middle of a meeting… You don’t want to be that person. With this app, you simply launch, set to vibrate/silent (“shh…” mode), once your meeting is done, toggle it back again (to “ring ring…” mode). So simple!

Wasteland Traders (Game) – Companion App (Android)

Android Mobile

Work Experience

May 2014 – Present

Network Engineer


March 2012 – May 2014

Systems Engineer

ACL Group

June 2008 – March 2012

Network Administrator

PR Finance Group

Oct 2007 – May 2008

PHP Developer

SPI New Media

Oct 2005 – Oct 2007

Systems Administrator

Wholesale Broadband

Feb 2002 – Sep 2005

IT Officer

Orana Credit Union Ltd

Supported Technologies


  • Michael has a calm professional manner - he can quickly evaluate a design concept, whether to utilise the current infrastructure or creating add on solutions. I worked with Michael for 2 years working on efficiency and business reporting where he effectively knitting the various separate software platforms into a system that could assist operational decision making. Michael has a "sure no problem " attitude and is great at breaking down complex IT issues into terms that are easily understood.

  • A fantastic work ethic and great person to work with. Friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Michael's diverse technical knowledge and leadership skills were a true resource, source of inspiration and guidance. I'd gladly work with him any time.


Freelance Services

Starting at $5/m

Hosted Solutions

I can provide cost effective, and full deployment of hosting solutions for any type of type of application, web site, or solution.

Starting at $50

Web Design

This is one of my specialities, I’ve been designing, and developing web sites for more than 15 years, everything from personal blogs, to enterprise.

Service Details

Hosted Solutions

I can offer discounted hosting packaging by the global leader in Web Hosting Services, Go Daddy. For more complex solutions, I recommend a build in AWS.

Web Development

This is one of my specialities, I’ve been writing, designing, and developing web sites for more than 15 years. I always ensure the quality of mark-up and code within my websites is of a compliant W3 Standard – to put simply, I like my code to be ‘clean’.

The benefit of clean code, apart from being easier to read for any other web master who may end up managing the web site, is that computers love to read clean code, and therefore render your website in the end-user’s browser quicker.

I can develop any web requirement, from a simple static website, to robust dynamic online systems with end-user interaction capabilities.  Some technologies and languages I use in my development are: HTML5, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, MYSQL, MSSQL, C#.

With the capability of writing in multiple languages, it give me the best opportunity to offer my customers the right technology, for the right result.

Database Development

I can help you organise and streamline your data with custom developed database solutions. Built on industry-leading open source technologies such as MySQL, or robust MSSQL, my database development services will allow your business to centralise data on, or off the web.

CMS Development

Take control of your website or your on-line property with a full Content Management System, to control your entire website. I can develop a customised solution tailored to your needs, or build your website on-top of off-the-shelve solutions, such CMS as WordPress.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Through the use of the powerful Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Suite (MSBIDS), I can provide visual access to your data in a way which you may not know is possible. My BI services range include ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) development – this is to get your data clean and ready for some analysis; Reporting solutions and Analysis services.

I prefer to work with Microsoft’s suite of BIDS tools, however if budget are constrained, then I can recommend suitable open source or custom data reporting solutions.


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